Welcome! I’m Sue, the creator of Tales of a Wayward Yogini.

Turns out, I’m a storyteller. Who knew? I certainly had no clue in the first 50+ years of my life, although this photo of me at five would suggest otherwise.

I was always the quiet one, the one hanging out with the life of the party. I was the court reporter (literally for 20 years), recording everyone else’s stories.

But then life changed. One of my favorite storytellers passed on, and another one I chose to pass on spending time with. And slowly, my stories began to emerge by way of my writing. I started my first blog in 2018. Since then, I have changed how and what I tend to write about, but what has stayed the course is that I write about my life experiences.

A bit about me, I am 67, daughter to Helen and Don, both deceased. I am Amy and Jordan’s mom, one of my favorite roles in life. I am divorced and happily remarried to Rick, stepmother to Matt and Sammie. I was an only child with one half-sister Sharon who I, unfortunately, did not grow up with but bonded with nonetheless. My life has offered much to celebrate and mourn, giving me plenty to write about.

The fact that I’m a Scorpio assures my readers of the occasional deep dive, which may bring a tear to the eye. But my motto is, I’ll take crying over numbness any day, as numbness gets in the way of joy.

What to expect.

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Monday morning cup of thoughts, where I share something that inspires me as my week begins, hopefully giving my readers a worthwhile topic to mull over as they start their busy weeks.

I end the week with a Friday post, the main essay of the week, which will never follow a formula, but will always be an honest representation of my life.

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The Monday morning cup of thoughts and the Friday essay, in addition to membership in The Wayward Yogini Criers Club, which includes a membership card accepted by a growing number of establishments. Simply show your card when you find yourself unexpectedly crying; no questions will be asked.

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To further aid you in deciding if we’re a good fit, read on for a few comments from my readers who have thankfully returned again and again, and also a few links to some of my reader’s favorite posts.

What’s my favorite compliment from a reader? Of course, it’s that I made them cry.

I'm not crying - you're crying. Actually, this absolutely BEAUTIFUL story did bring tears to my eyes. I can feel the love you have for sewing (and your mom and Rick) through this story. You are such a tender soul. Thank you for sharing!

-Leah Ann Zogg

Wow! is all i can say through the tears flowing down my cheeks after reading this beautiful story!

-Inner Resource Institute  The Dawning Light

Good essay – you made Jen cry…. Again.

-Dave D.

Sue’s openness in sharing her life experiences will give you pause to reflect upon your own. As you read, you will feel like you’re reminiscing with a friend over a glass of wine, opening your mind and heart to a life well-lived.

-Janet S.

Sue candidly shares her personal, often intimate, and sometimes difficult life experiences. Her writing flows and is absolutely engaging. While addressing a variety of relatable subjects, she is introspective and inspires us with her ultimate optimism.

-Lisa Feldman

Here are a few links to give you a sense of my writing.

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Sue Ferrera

Student of the healing arts (psychology, writing, massage, Reiki and yoga), mother, wife, homemaker, writer, teacher, avid gardener and quilter.