Howdy and Namaste,

I’m Sue Ferrera, also known as the Wayward Yogini.

I know, howdy and Namaste, a strange combination of greetings, right? But I think it pretty much sums me up. I thank my mom, Helen, a Nebraskan cornhusker who chose to raise me in San Francisco, California, for teaching me that there is no one reality. I’ve had the privilege of wearing many different hats in my life. Makes life pretty exciting but confusing at times, which is what I love to write about.

I’ve been writing for twenty years, but it took me until 2018 to find my groove. (To be clear, my groove is not like Stella’s.) I wrote several online articles for The San Francisco Examiner during those years. I helped my first husband’s aunt write her memoirs about living in the concentration camps during the Holocaust. I poured my heart out to friends and loved ones in emails. And I spent countless hours fantasizing with Rick (my best friend, aka my second, current, and final husband) about becoming an author or writing a blog. My dreams accumulated into a sizable pile on my desk until the year after my mom passed at 99. 

Suddenly and finally, I had time on my hands. Luckily, I signed up for a yoga teacher training class to hopefully reclaim my health and slow the aging process. I chose to blog about the experience and began writing about life and aging. You can access my past blog posts here as well as purchase my book Lessons of a Wayward Yogini, which I published in October of 2021 (bucket list experience.)

As I’ve slowed a bit from all things book and returned to my blogging, I have to admit I feel like I’ve returned from the big city to the Nebraska cornfields. There’s something about blogging that makes me feel as if my feet are planted firmly in the earth. 

It’s my belief that regardless of how many years we’ve been alive or where we have inhabited our planet, what gender we are born with or choose, what religious beliefs we adopt or reject, etc., we all have one thing in common… our feelings

My hope is that my readers will find themselves in my writing, even if I’m in a cornfield and my reader is in a mosque somewhere across the world, whether I’m writing about life as a 66-year-old woman or remembering a time in my youth, whether my reader is sharing my aging concerns or stressing about life as a new parent or a misunderstood co-worker or family member. I’m convinced we all have much more in common than we understand and, even more importantly, much more that connects us than divides us. And at this time in our world, we all could use an outstretched hand.

Please join me as I share my heart in hopes of connecting with yours.

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