Welcome to Tales of a Wayward Yogini. I’m Sue, author of Lessons of a Wayward Yogini, published on October 31st of 2021 (available on Amazon and sueferrera.com), and host of Tales of a Wayward Yogini. I love writing about true stories, which hopefully remind my readers of their own lives, triumphs, victories, and even failures, as we typically learn the most from those.

Each week I invite my readers to share a few moments with me laughing, crying, and everything in between, hoping to find those breadcrumbs leading us in the direction of home.

Webster’s definition-




  1. the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

Wayward Yogini’s definition-




  1. the place where one lives permanently, which facilitates gaining an understanding and acceptance of their shortcomings, enjoying a culture that cultivates a never-ending desire to learn, change and grow, regardless of whether they are a member of a family or household.

I post three times a week, early morning between 7 and 8. Mondays I offer my Monday morning cup of thoughts. Wednesday I share Hump day gratitude. And Friday I post my main essay of the week, generally about whatever is on my mind.

Here are a few of my recent favorite posts. 

Time - a story about my son’s best friend and the gift of healing

Foundation - thanking friends old and new who create my foundation

Reclaiming pieces of me - it’s never too late and never soon enough to reclaim pieces of you

Unexpected gifts - a nostalgic trip back in time with surprising gifts these many years later

And here’s what some of my readers have to say, both about my book as well as my newsletter.

I’ve enjoyed reading your book, and I am amazed at your deft scribe. How could I know you for so long, albeit casually, and then see what amazing prose landing you do, like a fighter pilot nailing a landing on storm laden carrier deck? Superb stuff, you deserve a broad and wide audience. -Kurt Westphal

Some days, I don’t have the time to read your blog, but I save them in a folder and, when I’m in a quiet space, I pull them up and read them. I truly find solace, comfort and humor in the stories - both the short and long stories.  It’s rejuvenating and helps to start my day in such a positive manner. I’m a very positive, happy person, but sometimes life and work can be overwhelming so having a place “your blog” to go to in those times is super comforting. -Leah Ann Zogg

Sue’s openness in sharing her life experiences will give you pause to reflect upon your own. As you read, you will feel like you’re reminiscing with a friend over a glass of wine, opening your mind and heart to a life well-lived. -Janet S.

Sue candidly shares her personal, often intimate, and sometimes difficult life experiences. Her writing flows and is absolutely engaging. While addressing a variety of relatable subjects, she is introspective and inspires us with her ultimate optimism. -Lisa Feldman

I do not require paid subscriptions. It’s important for me to connect with everyone who might be interested in my writing. If you value my writing and have the means to upgrade to a paid membership, that would be awesome and I would be very grateful. I’m hopeful to completely retire and spend 100% of my time writing. Regardless of the specifics of your membership, please accept my heartfelt thanks.


Sue Ferrera
Here you will read about life and aging---accepting the inevitable---with tools and inspiration for your journey.